Production Notes

The video has transformed over 15 years.  When we began no one in Memphis provided a resource like this and today 15 years later no one provides this type of resource with detailed content.  It's one of a kind based on a theory of individual client customization to assure the uniqueness for each organization.  The base premise was to communicate the important features of the benefit plan and provide information to start people thinking about making better choices concerning benefit utilization.

The video presentation is positioned in two parts.  Level one the main tier communicates the basic plan and utilization information to employees.  The second level provides detail and background to assist in making choices.

Originally cast in VHS through the advent of DVD and broadband internet delivery we found new opportunities to produce higher quality content, which we did.  We can provide the presentation in virtually any format you require.  Our stock format is NTSC DVD with menu selection & internet broadcast via Flash.  The stock resolution is 720x480p.  We will have HD production 2nd quarter 2008.

Concerning internet broadcast, in order to view a top quality presentation you need broadband in excess of 750kbps. Reasonable quality can be achieved at much lower bandwidth to a floor of 400kbps.  Flash video allows high quality with a controlled playing environment and because it's in Flash it can be added as a selection feature to the internet interactive benefit guide (the sister guide).  At a minimum you need to have version 8 of the free Flash player installed to see this.

This presentation is designed to go hand in hand with our internet "interactive benefit guide".  These are all "gratis services" and provide a quality system to communicate with your employees.

Maintaining the video and internet guides is a function of our service.


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