ERISA - Labor Department compliance assistance resources
ERISA - Final rules
Reporting & disclosure guide for employee benefit plans
E-laws home site
E-laws advisor
E-laws employer issues
Employer tax guide to fringe benefits
National vital statistics - summary
Washington DC links  Resources to anything you want to know in or about Washington
Economic indicators / state census & economic quick facts
SIC code finder
Employer tax guide to fringe benefits 
IRS publication 969 for HSA, HRA, FSA, AMSA
Excess Group Life Rates
Excess group life "Table I" look-up
- Calculates year end charges
Your source for federal required workplace posters
Commercially produced workplace posters
Employment law guide
Small business compliance assistance
Fair labor standards act of 1938

Social Security & Qualified Plans
Qualified plan limits 2005-2011
IRS Announces Pension Plan Limitations for 2011
2011 Indexed limits - quick summary
Pension plan types compared
Retirement trends
Top 10 401(k) compliance issues
CMS - Medicare research, statistics, & data center
Social Security full retirement and reductions by age chart
Retirement benefit calculator and comparative retirement age outcomes

Family & Medical Leave Act
Family & medical leave act   Complete information
Fact sheet

Capital Tools and Information
CPI calculator  A slick tool to find present values based on the CPI history
America's economy at a glance
Currency conversion
Compound interest calculator

World bank group data resources

Sickness and Injury
IRS on sickness and injury benefits
Projected and past healthcare cost 1980-2011

HRHB   07.01.2011