Health affairs     A policy journal
Value-driven health care   U.S. Dept of health and human services
Value driven health care ... A purchaser's guide
Typical Health Plan Design
Memphis Medical Trend Report

COBRA guide
Employer's guide to COBRA  U.S. Dept. of Labor
COBRA glossary
COBRA timeline - quick reference tool
COBRA timeline map
COBRA and Medicare entitlement
Model COBRA continuation coverage election notice
Model general notice of COBRA continuation coverage rights

HIPAA  home site
HIPAA links
HIPAA resource center
Health insurance reform for employers
HIPAA employer question and answers
Roadmap to HIPAA compliance   Vol.1
Roadmap to HIPAA compliance   Vol.2
Recent changes in healthcare law

Section 125 Cafeteria Plans
Introduction to cafeteria plans
Premium only section 125 example  POP plan
Cafeteria plan frequently asked questions from IRS
Flexible savings account calculator for employers
Café plans
Status changes in the plan year
DCAP dependent care assistance program
DCAP reporting requirements
5500 filing requirements for welfare plans
IRS audit list for section 125 plans

Family & Medical Leave Act
Family & medical leave act     complete information
Federal vs. State Family and Medical Leave Laws
Frequently asked questions

Generic drug calculator
FDA drug information
National drug code directory

COBRA and Medicare entitlement
Medicare - who pays first
Creditable coverage guidance and model notices for use after May 15,2006

Health Saving Accounts & Health Reimbursement Accounts  CDHP (consumer directed health plans)
HSA indexed maximums for 2010
HRA employee communication program
Consumer driven healthcare     from the National Center For Policy Analysis - a comprehensive site
About HSAs
HSA Calculator  Helps predict your savings from CDHPs.  (Note must enter an employer contribution, use $1 if none available.)
HSAs - Treasury has new site for HSAs     technical guidance and FAQ
HSA fact sheet - U.S. Treasury
HSA guidance from the IRS

HSA, HRA, flex plan - IRS publication 969     good guide to these plan types & how they work together, tax filings for '06, forms.
Department of Labor and HRA (CDHC) arrangements     final report from the working group on health care security CDHC arrangements
HSAs - the IRS releases initial guidance
HSAs - Treasury initial guidance to encourage the use of HSAs    
HSAs - employer provided plans are generally not ERISA plans
Center for studying health system change

HSACenter   Note: This site is run by Golden Rule Insurance Co.
MSAs (medical savings accounts)     the South African model

MEWAs under ERISA     A guide to federal and state regulation
Self-funding elements

Disability Related Information
The real cost of disability
The most common sign of disability
WISQARSTM (CDC-web-based Injury statistics query and reporting system)     a tremendous statistical source on injury

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