Benchmark surveys select size, region, industry
Average payroll by job type by state
Where you fit in employee benefits, A Metlife survey - How do your company's benefits differ from others of your size or industry?
Employee benefit trends, a Metlife survey
Study of employee benefits 2009 and beyond, a Prudential survey
Show employees the value of benefits
(a companion Pru report)
Memphis medical cost      
Yr 2000/medical cost comparing Memphis
Memphis medical trend       tracking medical trend, (5 largest insurers in Memphis)
Medicare - top to bottom
Health affairs  
A policy journal
Rules of thumb for annual enrollment
Critical illness in the workplace - A Metlife survey
Chartbook on health trends in America 2009 - National Center Health Statistics
HIAA survey on disability management programs
- 36 page pdf
HIPAA - all aspects are linked here
Flu Season - outbreak map
HIT - Health Information Tennessee   a great resource, just about anything you need to know about Tenn. health is here.